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My Entrepreneurial Adventures

I am extremely passionate about business and entrepreneurship. If you were to ask my friends and family what I wanted to be as a child, they would answer cop or business man. I have always had an entrepreneurial mind. Both my parents were entrepreneurs, my father owned a multiple Volkswagen car dealerships, and my mom owns multiple beauty supply stores, back in Sonora, Mexico.


I have definitely been inspired by my parents and many of my successful family members to pursuit my studies and entrepreneurial adventures. My main company is Gonzalez Nino Holdings International LLC, which I own with my closest older brother. Together we have been able to create multiple businesses to jump-start our international empire. A complete list of my active businesses and their websites is provided below. 

GN Holdings International LOGO.png

Gonzalez Nino

 Holdings International, LLC


Phone: +1 (972) 636-5020


Gonzalez Nino Holdings International, LLC is in the business of Management of Companies and Enterprises. GN holdings works as our investment company and owns all other businesses.

Gonzalez Global, LLC 


Phone: +1 (520) 261 - 7543


Gonzalez Global LLC is e-commerce, e-marketplace and physical sales consulting firm. We specialize in taking your inventory global. Gonzalez Global LLC also has experience in marketing and promotional services.

Gonzalez Global LLC Logo v2.png

Quality Motors of Arizona, LLC

QMOA (18x12)) v3.png


Phone: +1 (520) 333 - 7512


Quality Motors is not just like any used car dealership.

They only sell quality and reliable vehicles, at affordable prices. Financing is available for any type of credit. Check out their inventory and apply for financing online today! 

Squeaky Clean
Commercial & Residential, LLC 


Phone: +1 (520) 261 - 7350


Squeaky Clean is janitorial services company. They only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, safe for everyone. Cleaning services for homes, schools, churches, medical facilities, office buildings, and more. They can customize their services to meet your specific needs. Book online today.

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